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The Crafton Hills Preserve is a defining feature of natural beauty for the surrounding communities.  Hikers, bikers and equestrians are fortunate to have access to its 3,400 acres of open space.  Here are miles of established trails in a natural environment around the 3,543 foot Zanja Peak, protected in perpetuity by the Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy members and volunteers.

This Crafton Hills Preserve Brochure provides a trail map and summary description of the trails.  Click the image to view and download or print.

This is a detailed view of the Crafton Hills Preserve, with trailheads, points of interest, and all the designated trails noted. Click the image to view and download a printable map.  (Print in landscape mode for best results.)

Interested in exploring the Crafton Hills Preserve?  This is the "Crafton Hills Preserve Trail Guide, A Complete Illustrated Guide with Online Maps".  It also has much descriptive information about the Preserve.  Click the image to download the eBook.

This article highlights the consequences of urban effects on the natural environment and provides guidance for people living near wildlands and for people who use wildlands for recreational purposes.  These challenges are applicable to preservation of the Crafton Hills habitat.  In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem and maintain biodiversity, attention must be given to minimizing impacts from the surrounding urban areas.

The Crafton Hills Preserve provides important watershed values.  This map shows the connection to the regional watershed system.  Locally, the slopes also provide a natural groundwater recharge, benefiting the wells in surrounding communities.  Click the image to view.

The Regional Park Trailhead, which leads to Zanja Peak, is in the Yucaipa Regional Park.  This guide to the Regional Park shows how to access the trailhead to Zanja Peak through the park.  Click the image to see the Regional Park map.  Click the title above to go to the park website.

Are you interested in native plants?  This is a list of native plants which have been seen in the Crafton Hills habitat.

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