Sharing Preserve Trails


The Crafton Hills Preserve trails are designated as "multi-use".  Encounters between different types of users can be hazardous on narrow or steep trails. To help reduce conflicts, ensure safety, and maximize enjoyment, please follow these rules.


For everyone   Caution - This is a wild natural area and habitat for rattlesnakes, coyotes, mountain lions, and other animals and insects.  Many trails are narrow with very steep canyons.

* Use only the trails that are designated for use on the trail map.  * Stay on the trail. * Use common courtesy and have fun. * Leave the trails in good shape for the next person.


For cyclists   Caution - Encounters with hikers, dogs, and horses on downhill single track trails can be dangerous.  Ride it - don't slide it.

* Use a bell, such as a bear bell, when going downhill.* Gently alert those you approach from behind. Don’t startle them with a sudden loud noise. * Some walkers do not have the agility to jump out of your way. * Yield the right-of-way to walkers, runners, and equestrians. * Yielding to others means stopping or slowing – never pass others over 10 mph on roads and 5 mph on single-track trails. Stop on narrow trails. Stop for horses. * Always ride under control. * Don't skid on the turns. * Don’t cut the switchbacks. The destruction may be permanent and encourages others.


For hikers and runners   Caution - Beware of downhill bikes at blind corners.


* Yield the right-of-way to equestrians. * Be careful not to spook horses. Greet them with a soft hello so they know you are a person. * If possible, stay on the downhill side of horses. * Hold children’s hands when a horse approaches.


For equestrians   Caution - Many trails are too narrow for both bikes and horses.  Gopher holes and tunnels are a hazard.


* Don’t bring a skittish horse to these multi-use and often narrow trails. * Avoid damaging dirt trails by keeping off them when they are wet.


For dog walkers   Caution - Dogs must be under control at all times.  A bike could suddenly appear.  Protect your dog from rattlesnake bites.


* All dogs must be leashed at all times (6 foot leash). * Pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s waste. * Don’t let your dog approach others too closely. Others don’t always know your dog’s intentions and may be frightened. * All dogs (with or without a chip implant) must wear a license tag at all times.


For motorized vehicles   Caution - Police helicopter!  Steep penalties!


* Stay out of the Preserve and off the trails! Yucaipa ORDINANCE NO. 166 forbids “off-road operation of licensed and unlicensed motorcycles and other motor-driven vehicles on private property and public property in the City”.

Preserving a Special Place


Visitors are the Preserve's most important guardians.  Help us save the Crafton Hills.  Please send photos of any violations of these regulations to

  • Camping or campsites are not allowed in the Preserve.  Camping is available at the adjacent Yucaipa Regional Park.

  • Cutting switchbacks or creating new trails is prohibited.

  • No collecting or harming plants or trees or animals.

  • Pick up your pet's waste.

  • All weapons are prohibited.  No shooting.  No hunting.

  • Fire danger is high.  No smoking, no open flames, and no campfires.

  • No unauthorized or off-road motor vehicles.

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Visitors are the Preserve's most important guardians.

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