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The Crafton Hills in 1982, with orange groves in front.  The orange groves are now the Chapman Heights community.

The founders of the Conservancy recognized the value of the delicate web of life held within the deep canyons and undulating ridges of this coastal sage scrub and chaparral ecosystem.

Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy (CHOSC) History

In 1989, Prof. John Goodman of the University of Redlands surveyed the wildlife in the Crafton Hills.  His findings were instrumental in inspiring others, eventually leading to the formation of the Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy.  Click to view.

Beginning in 1989, Earl Giddings, Robert Galbraith, Ingrid Lagerlof, and Al Kelley were among the original visionaries of the Conservancy, which was shared by many others.  As the surrounding area has become more urbanized, we can appreciate the foresight of the founders.  Click to view.

This first Conservancy newsletter explains the purpose and objectives of the Conservancy.  Click to view the 1991 newsletter, issued before formal incorporation was granted in 1992.

This article gives an overview of the history of the Crafton Hills College, which occupies the west end of the Crafton Hills.  A portion designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1972 is now part of the Conservancy.  Click to view.

Frank Sissons, who passed away in September 2017, left a legacy of land conservation in Yucaipa.  He was a past member of the CHOSC Board of Directors.  This tribute to Frank also mentions Dave Miller and Dick Riddell, both former members of the CHOSC Board of Directors.  Click to view.

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Wildflower Walk, March 1995

Hikers gather for a Wildflower Walk in 1995. They are at the future location of the Three Hawks trailhead, which would be built 20 years later.

In those days, the only access was up the fire road from the College.

Aerial view of the Crafton Hills in 1953, still surrounded by open space

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